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Spray System

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We are an experienced Spray System manufacturer, supplier and exporter, factory in Taiwan. We make production and development according to SOP. With our marketing and manufacturing experience, open-minded improvement, challenging breakthrough, professional management and innovative design, we have been growing rapidly. If you are interested in any type of our products, please contact us now!
Spray System SP1725

Spray Systems
1. Digital multi-setting spray control can be time and stop time
2. Automatic detection of water, water pump automatically stops running, the function of automatic pressure relief device indicator lights
3. Noise-free motor, high-density filter filter configuration soaking impurities (such as must be fitted in addition to the scale filter is optional)
4. Nano silver ion filter configuration continued to bactericidal antibacterial deodorizing
5. Use one-piece nozzle, built-in patented nozzle filter to reduce nozzle clogging
6. Landscaping and installation of LED lights can function as a common use of water mist, resulting in water dance effect, make the landscape more beautiful at night (LED landscaping lights are optional)
7. You can install remote control, and can multi-machine control (remote group is optional)

Rapid cooling, eliminate odors, air purification, humidity control, greenhouse cultivation, insect mosquito control, sterilization, stage effects to create a landscape with atmosphere, often as other types of

MFS: spray pressure of 120PSI, apply nozzle 15PCS
MFL: spray pressure of 200PSI, apply nozzle 25PCS
MFM: spray pressure of 200PSI, apply nozzle 25PCS, LED or remote control configuration
Voltage: 110V & 240 VAC 50/60Hz
Size: 365m / m * W 280m / m * thick 150m / m
Weight: 6kg

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